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The Craft of


Science Writing

Business Writing

Content Marketing

Why Work with a Professional Writer?

Save Time

Proficiency with crafting narrative generates copy faster

Save Money

Skill with story development eliminates the need for multiple revisions

Get it Right

Research and analytical expertise refine content

Build Credibility

Develop an authoritative voice that’s believable


I’m Margo, a crafter and writer of stories

With writing chops of a journalist, the analytical mindset of a science writer, and the messaging focus of a communications professional, my writing style is all about creating a fabulous read. I use all of these skills in all of my writing, be that developing an authoritative article or a content library.

My Approach

Find the story

Whether you have a topic in mind or need help defining the focus, we collaborate to build the best narrative.

Develop the material

I conduct the research, perform interviews, and anything else that’s required to build the best narrative.

Make the deadline

In 15 years as a writer, I’ve never missed a deadline. I keep you appraised of progress, seeking input to deliver your material on budget and on time.


  • Reporting
  • Content Writing
  • Communications Copy